How Easy Wedding Centerpieces Can Enhance Your Wedding


Are you attempting to design a lavish wedding, without spending a lot of money or time working hard? If this is the case, I recommend checking out some of the easy wedding centerpieces. Although these centerpieces might be a little easier to put together, this doesn’t mean that they can’t be lavish and beautiful. In fact, they can be just as classy and awesome, as more difficult centerpieces. Within this guide, I will teach you everything you need to know about these centerpieces.

Easy Floral Arrangements

When attempting to put together your centerpiece, you will most certainly want to rely on flowers and glorious floral arrangements. Whether you’re designing a lavish centerpiece or one that is simple, you will want to use flowers. Flowers are absolutely adorable and romantic. Undoubtedly, they’ll add plenty of beauty to your tables. With this in mind, you should consider putting together a beautiful easy floral arrangement.

So, what do you need? Truthfully, you don’t need a whole lot. Your biggest purchase will be the flowers. Since there are so many beautiful flowers to choose from, this purchase can be a little more difficult. At the same time, you’re going to need a vase. Although I would use mason jars here, anything is possible. Make sure that you look around your home, because you might already have something you could use!

After you’ve gotten your hands on these items, it is time to put everything together. Place the jar on the table and add the flowers. Once this is done, you’re finished. Overall, this is entirely simple and nearly effortless, but it can still be adorable and bring a smile to your face!

Experimenting with Fall Foliage

Are you holding a fall wedding? In my honest opinion, this is an extremely wise choice! The fall is one of the most spectacular times of the entire year and will provide you with the ability to use beautiful, warm colors. This time of the year is all about the harvest, as well. With this in mind, you will want to consider putting together a lavish little centerpiece using fall foliage. The process is entirely simple and you can throw everything together, within a matter of minutes!

Again, you won’t need a whole lot for this particular centerpiece. First, you’ll need to get your hands on some type of container. For this particular arrangement, I highly recommend mason jars, but anything with a decent height will work. Next, you’ll want to get some fall foliage. Dried white ammobiums work exceptionally well. These can be tossed into the jar and the display will be very beautiful, but it is wise to take it one step further.

Be sure to consider decorating the mason jars with a nice piece of twine. This can be tied around the jar into a bow. Overall, it will help to create an adorable and easy wedding centerpiece.

Fruit Delight Centerpiece

If you are looking for a very easy, but fruity centerpiece that will charm the socks off of your guests, you should definitely keep this sweet idea in mind. You will need to start by collecting your supplies, which includes:

• Lime green colored floral foam
• Peach colored floral foam
• Yellow colored floral foam
• 3 yellow calla lilies
• Large oranges
• Limes
• Lemon
• 3 different sized square vases (make sure that the bases match in style and design)

You will need to start the assembly process, by cutting the floral foam into 1” cubes and then cut the fruit slices into quarters and ¼” slices. Once you have everything cut to the precise size, you will be ready to move on to the next step.

This step is just as easy, as the first step, because it basically involves filling the vases. Let’s start with the large vase. Drop about 10 yellow floral foam cubes into the bottom of the vase and then place 1 piece of lemon on each side of the foam, you should try to push it down toward the bottom of the vase. Pour 10 peach cubes into the vase and place the orange slice, in the same manner as you did with the lemons. Do the same thing with the green foam and limes.

At this point into the process, the foam and fruit should be stacked up about ½” higher than the lip of the vase, if not add a few more lime green cubes into the mixture. Stick the 3 calla lilies into the top of the foam and you will have completed your beautiful fruit delight centerpiece.

When you assemble the small vase, you will only want to use 2 of the colored foams, because the vase will be too small for keeping the colors from mixing together. The small and medium sized vases will not have a flower on the top, so be sure to lay the fruit slices on top of the display, so it looks like they fell from a fruit tree.

Floating Centerpieces

If you’re interested in easy wedding centerpieces that incorporate floating items, you will want to consider using floating flowers and floating candles. I tremendously enjoy the overall look of floating candles, since they work for almost any display. Of course, it is possible to use them in conjunction with floating flowers. Again, this is an entirely simple centerpiece to toss together and shouldn’t take very long to build.

If this is something that sparks your interest, you’ll want to get yourself a nice big bowl! A clear or white bowl will work. I recommend a clear bowl, so you can add items to the bottom of the bowl and make them visible. Either way, you should fill the bowl with a tad bit of water and toss the flowers and candles inside. Once the wedding rolls around, you can light the candles to add a little more beauty.

If you opted for the clear bowl, as I suggested, you will be able to play around a little bit more. For instance, you’ll be able to add submersible LED lights to the arrangement. You can also add other items, such as water beads. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless and you experiment to the fullest.

Etched Glass

Some centerpieces are entirely easy and require you to work very little. If this is something that sounds right up your alley, you’ll want to consider purchasing some etched glass vases! By purchasing the corresponding letters, you will be able to put together an effortless centerpiece that will spell out a word of your choice. After this, you’ll want to arrange the vases on the table, fill them with a bit of water and find a nice flower to add. This will work beautifully and your guests will love it!

Floral and Pearl Accented Centerpiece

This is a very easy wedding centerpiece that can be completed within a matter of minutes. As a matter of fact, the most difficult part of the project is collecting the supplies, because you will have to visit your local floral shop and party supply store. There are several different items that you will need for this project, which includes:

• Orange roses
• Yellow and pink daisies
• Baby’s breath
• 2” White cloth ribbon
• White string of pearl (you will be able to purchase this in a roll at a very affordable price)
• Water
• 4” Diameter cylinder clear vases (make sure they are all the same size and around 18-24” in height)

Once you have your items and back at home, you will be ready to start assembling your centerpieces. Fill each vase ¾ ways full of water and place the flowers into them, but make sure to inter-mix the flowers, so they look more uniformed. Cut the ribbon to about 12-16” in length and tie it to the top of the vase.

The next step is to cut the beads to the same size, as the vases and then drape them over several of the flower stems, while allowing them to dangle freely downwards. Your beautiful floral and pearl accented centerpieces are now complete. You can arrange these in a row or circular display, so they look unique and exquisite.


Overall, there are many awesome easy wedding centerpieces that will work well for an assortment of different weddings. If you want to work very little, but get something very beautiful, you can do so, as long as you follow the examples above! One of these will most likely speak to you and match the overall design of your wedding!

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