Customizing And Personalizing Your Wedding Centerpieces


Every couple will be bombarded with tasks that must be completed, before the wedding ceremony and reception. Hopefully, you have devised a stratagem that will guide you in a step-by-step manner. There are several steps that must be completed, before you can actually choose the wedding centerpieces, because these accessories should be incorporated into the theme and color scheme.

Floral Arrangements

While floral wedding centerpieces are the customary option, you can find innumerable arrangement ideas that will surely impress. Flowers symbolize beauty, love, and nature, which is why they are most often chosen for a wedding centerpiece. Most couples choose one specific flower for their entire wedding, one that is available in several colors. This will allow you to create a dramatic or calm affect, without being forced to step out of the color scheme.

Bird Cages

If you are searching for a rustic or antiquity ambience, you should consider utilizing bird cages. Do not be afraid to steer away from the customary arrangement. You can create or purchase different types, styles, and sizes of bird cages. Incorporate your personality into the wedding centerpieces, filling them with artificial birds, butterflies, lace, and ribbons. There are so many accessories and items that you can utilize to create a unique bird cage centerpiece that will leave your guest astonished.


Teacups are definitely a hot item that can be enveloped into your wedding centerpieces. Many couples prefer to utilize plates of a variety of sizes, so that they can stack them up in a unique setting. Of course, you can always eliminate the plates and just stack the teacups up into several tiers. If you are looking for a specific wedding themed centerpiece, you will surely find the teacup very beneficial.

Fluted Vases

Clear glass, fluted vases can be utilized innumerable ways. This is definitely one item that will offer a diversity of uses. By placing your wedding flower into the vase, filling it with water, and topping it off with a floating candle, you will have created lovely, romantic wedding centerpieces. By using LED lights, you will provide the illumination and ambience that will draw attention to the arrangement.


Take your time to create a wedding centerpiece that is unique, exclusive, and speaks volumes about your personality. This may end up being a time-consuming task, but when all is said and done your guests will surely be impressed with your prolific attempt.

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