The Essential Guide to Floating Candle Bowls For Your Wedding

There is no denying that your wedding is one of the most cherished moments in your entire life. During the lead up to the big day, you’ll need to work closely with your significant other, in order to design and plan everything to perfection. As some suggest, this is likely the first big challenge that you’ll face as a couple. Not only can this process be fun, but also it’ll allow your relationship to develop and grow stronger. There are innumerable options available and it is vital to consider each for your wedding’s design and décor.

Many couples have decided to incorporate floating candle bowls into their wedding’s décor. This offers a beautiful, extravagant and modern decoration, which will be sure to stun your guests. In this article, you’ll learn everything there is to know about this type of decoration.

An Introduction to Floating Candle Bowls

When exploring decorations for your wedding, it is highly likely that you’ll run across floating candle bowls. At first glance, when undecorated, these items do not look out of the ordinary and would likely be difficult to spot out in a retail store. In fact, it is possible to use almost any type of bowl for this purpose. The truth of the matter is that the glass bowl itself is ordinary, until the bride and groom put their love and own spin on the decoration. Still, the possibilities, designs and arrangements are enormous.

While most will select a bowl that is entirely clear, this is only a personal option. Regardless, these glass structures can be used in a wide array of ways and it is even possible to use them throughout your wedding venue. Some incorporate them on each table, while others use them for the wedding’s centerpiece. They’re beautiful, lavish and totally affordable. Below, you will find more information regarding the use of these types of decorations.

Sizes and Types

Since each couple will want to incorporate these bowls into their weddings in unique manners, it is vital to explore the different types and sizes. In actuality, these items are available with many differentials. The bowls can be as small as a few inches, but they’re also found in much larger sizes. Some are fifteen inches or larger. The bigger sizes tend to be more sufficient for beautiful centerpieces, but the options aren’t concluded yet.

These decorations are also available in a variety of different styles. There are several unique styles and each will work perfectly for your wedding.

• The Lily Bowl – This bowl isn’t normally elevated off of the surface. Instead, it will rest on the table and is typically circular.
• Hobnail Bowls – Hobnail bowls are actually very similar to lily bowls in shape. However, they’re instantly recognizable, since they have bumps or knobs in patterns on the exterior.
• Pedestal bowls – These bowls are raised off of the surface. Although it is possible to choose pedestal bowls, in which the pedestal is a part of the bowl itself, some use iron stands.

Floating Design

There are innumerable shapes, sizes, and colors of floating candles that you can select from. Most candles are constructed out of beeswax, paraffin, and soy. The candle wax does not have any bearing on how well the candle floats, since it is actually based on its mold and design. It is wise to know that the larger the candle, the larger the bowl of water that you will need to allow it to float freely. This is mainly why couples select smaller candles, because it would be almost impossible to acquire a bowl that is large enough to hold a large candle and allow it to float. Most floating candles on today’s market are shaped like a disk and are about 1-3” in diameter. These are perfect for small centerpieces, but if you are in search of something larger, you may be forced to construct your own.

Prices and Possible Arrangements

It is vital to remember that most individuals will operate on a budget, when planning their wedding. Although it is essential to splurge and make sure that the big day is big and lavish, it is also important to plan for a healthy future, as a couple. Therefore, price is exceptionally important. Thankfully, the bowls aren’t necessarily expensive, but the overall cost will vary depending on your specifications. Obviously, those that wish to decorate each table with a single candle bowl will need more bowls. If it is desired to use the bowl, as a centerpiece only, the price will be much less costly.

Of course, the cost will vary depending on the specific size and type. In general, you shouldn’t pay more than fifty dollars for a single bowl. At the same time, the minimum will likely be around five to ten dollars per bowl. As for the candles, the prices are tremendously lower. Truthfully, these items will not break the bank and should be considered for all weddings.

Basics Tips for Success

Before getting into the possible arrangements, it is vital to plan ahead and incorporate this item into your current wedding theme. Obviously, it is vital to choose your wedding theme and wedding’s color scheme, before you make it to this point. This will ensure that your floating candle bowl will coordinate excellently with your wedding’s style, instead of looking awkward or out of place. There are a few other tips that can help you put together a beautiful and elegant bowl for your wedding.

• Looking at the current trends is vital! Although you shouldn’t steal directly, it is possible to take pieces of these ideas and use them for your own.
• Don’t be afraid to break the mold. Being original is always a good thing and you should allow your creativity to flow.
• It is crucial to make sure that your bowl is elevated a good distance from the surface, if you want it to be an important decoration. If it rests too low, the glasses and such will overshadow it. A pedestal or some other type of raised surface can make the piece much more noticeable.
• Remember that the candle isn’t always necessary. Other items can be placed into the bowl, including water beads, floating figurines and floral arrangements.

Unique Centerpieces

Many couples prefer uniqueness to tradition, when it comes to planning their wedding. The only way to achieve uniqueness is by creating a homemade centerpiece and décor. Of course, it will require a lot of work, in order to pull this off, but if you have a couple of friends to help you complete the task, you will be successful. There is nothing more unique than the floating candle bowl as a matter of fact you can add other accessories to the original design. To achieve the display that you are looking for, you will be forced to sit down and draw up a centerpiece pattern that will suit your preferences.

Wedding Centerpiece Patterns

When trying to create a centerpiece pattern, you may be stumped, by the difficulty of the process. You can always contact your local floristry shop and request some tips or free patterns. Remember, if you choose to go this route, it is possible that other couples have utilized these patterns. You can still use them, as a guide to perfect your wedding floating candle bowl centerpiece. Never be afraid to personalize your creation, since this is your special day.

Candle Making Kit

If you are looking to go the DIY, you can always purchase a candle making kit. This will contain all the supplies that you will need to complete a specified amount of floating candles. This is a timely task, but again, if you have someone to assist you it will be much easier and quicker. Some items that you will need to construct your own floating candles include:

• Tab-Free Wicks
• Scents and Colors
• Sharp Knife
• Spoons
• Candle Wax (soy, beeswax, paraffin)
• Molds
• Double Boiler
There is a technique to the candle making process. You must follow it to a tee, in order to receive a desirable outcome. You may need to do a little practicing, before you can catch on, but if you set your mind to it, you will succeed. This can turn out to be a fun little task that you and your bridesmaids can enjoy tremendously.

Candle Molds

There are many different mold designs that will be suitable for a wedding centerpiece. With these options, you will not be forced to stick with the traditional disk design. These molds are constructed out of silicone, thick plastic and metal materials. The rose flower mold is very popular and will offer a superb design that is perfect for a floating bowl centerpiece. You can stick with one or multiple colors, so that you can utilize them for all of your wedding décor. The tart mold is also another tremendous design that will add charm and appeal to your overall décor.

There are square, rectangular, and round pillar candle molds, as well. These will definitely add uniqueness and romance to your reception tables. Just place these in a suitable glass bowl, so they can float freely, while surrounding them with floral and greenery. Your reception tables will definitely draw attention and leave your guest aghast, by your artistic craftsmanship.

Craft Supplies

There are innumerable types of craft supplies, flowers, fruits, and natural objects that can be placed into the bowl. This will provide enough allurement to draw attention to the floating candle bowl centerpieces. Cranberries, cherries, natural wooden branches or stems, diamond confetti, small stones, faux pearl beads, and fir tree branches are all great items that can be utilized to animate and vivify the centerpieces. Use your imagination and let your personal ideas flow through, so that you can develop the perfect centerpieces that will speak volumes about you.

Preparing the Reception Tables

Once you have selected a floating candle bowl centerpiece design, you will need to prepare the tables for the reception. There are limitless fabrics and materials that can be used to create table runners or tablecloths. Of course, the design, color, and style will be based on your wedding theme. The cotton linen fabrics are preferred over the other options, because it is very durable and can be manipulated very easily. Stay away from stiff fabrics, since they are very difficult to work with. Developing your own table linens will save you quite a bit of money, while allowing you the freedom to personalize your own reception tables.

Make sure that all the linen has been ironed and pressed thoroughly, before placing them on the tables. It is also wise to make sure that everything coordinates together perfectly including the napery, chair covers, and table linen.

Changing The Water

Those that are interested in creating something truly unique should think about changing the bowl’s water. No, you shouldn’t toss the water out. Instead, you should consider changing the overall consistency of the water. Adding a tinge of color to the water can make things much more interesting and beautiful. This can be done successfully in a few different ways.

Using food coloring is always a suitable option. Food color is tremendously cheap and entirely safe. At the same time, food coloring is available in a large assortment of different colors. If you know how to mix colors correctly, it is possible to use the basic food colorings, as a way to create an unlimited number of colors! Be sure to play around a little with the different bottles, until you find the mixture that works for your particular wedding.

Water Beads

There are certainly other ways to add a little bit of color to your bowl’s water. Think about purchasing a few packs of water beads. Remember that these beads are available in an assortment of different colors and can be purchased in several packages. For instance, it is possible to purchase a package of many different colors. You can also purchase a bag of specific colors. Be sure to choose accordingly.

When you first purchase these beads, they’ll be very small. You should leave them in the packaging, until you’re ready to add them to the water. Once they’ve been added to the water, they’ll begin to grow larger. These beads are very colorful and can help you add a bit of fun to your wedding. By using lights and candles with these beads, they’ll glow and sparkle!

Consider LED Lights

When attempting to design your wedding’s floating candle bowls, it is a good idea to use the appropriate lighting. There are several options here and each can help to add lighting to your bowl. Remember that the right lighting can help to beautify the arrangement. LED lights have some benefits, which aren’t available with candles. They’re much safer and some can be submersed in the water. There are innumerable arrangements possible and you will want to consider each for your wedding.

Remember that these lights are available in many different colors. The submersible lights can be used in conjunction with candles, floral arrangements and other items. At the same time, these lights can be used to direct lighting towards the arrangement. Positioning spotlights around the decoration is a good way to attract eyes to the piece and make it more attractive.

Dinnerware Placement

There are many ways that you can set up your dinnerware, so that it will appear elegant and proper. If you are planning a small reception, you will find the presentation simple, but exquisite, this is what most couples prefer. Center the plate, place the knife and spoon on the right, fork on the left, and then place the wine glass on the right side above the spoon and fork. This is a simple meal presentation, but will be suitable in most cases. If you want to add a dessert plate, be sure to place it on the right side of the spoon.

The napkin can be shaped into a unique design and placed on top of the plate or on the left of the fork. Most couples choose to place it on the plate, because it will free up some space for other items. Take the time to make sure that this presentation is perfect, before you actually open the reception area to your guests.

If you selected a buffet meal, be sure to set the dinnerware placement up the same way, but eliminate the plate. The plates will be set up on the buffet table, so they can collect their foods and return to their table.

Potential Floating Candle Centerpieces and Ideas

There are an unlimited number of possibilities, when it comes to designing a centerpiece and using floating candle bowls. Although it is a good idea to check out the current trends and ideas, you shouldn’t necessarily use them identically. Below, you will find some of the potential ideas that can be incorporated into your centerpiece.

Floating Roses

If you’re interested in a romantic and classic centerpiece, you’ll want to purchase a sizeable bowl. The process of making candles is certainly an art and there are a wide variety of different types of candles. Some of them resemble animals, while others look like flowers, such as roses. By purchasing some of the pink or red rose candles you’re well on your way to a clever and beautiful centerpiece. On the outside of the bowl, you should consider decorating with similarly colored rose petals. Although it is unnecessary for the candles to be lit, they can help to create more romanticism.

A Fun and Bubbly Centerpiece

Those that have decided to stick with a beach wedding will want to assure that their centerpiece is equally fun and exciting. With this in mind, it is a good idea to consider keeping the centerpiece simple, but cheerful. If a child is on the way, this arrangement will work perfectly. By adding some clear water beads, you will be able to create a simple, but interesting, display. The most important aspect is the center of your centerpiece. You’ll want a fun figurine, such as a rubber duck, or some type of squeak toy. This will be cheerful, fun and will undoubtedly give your guests a good laugh!

Blues, Blues and more Blues

Blue is an excellent option for most weddings. It looks beautiful and blends in perfectly with most themes. With the right floating candle bowls, it is possible to create a cool experience and display. First, you’ll want to make sure to choose a tall bowl and fill it with plenty of water. Add several drops of blue food coloring and blue water beads. At the top of the bowl, you should place a few small candles. Using blue or white candles will work. On the outside of the bowl, you can use small balloons or beads.

Floating Candle Mirror Centerpiece

To add pizzazz to your reception tables, you should consider using a mirror. This will definitely brighten up the center of table, while drawing much attention to your floating candle bowls. Mirrors are available in several shapes including round, rectangular, and square. Lay them in the center of the table and arrange your floating candle bowls, floral, and diamond confetti on top of the mirror. You can get creative and stack the mirrors on top of each other to create a two-tier centerpiece.


At the end of the day, floating candle bowls are unique, interesting and offer unlimited possibilities. Before attempting to put together a nice display, it is helpful to decorate the rest of your wedding. Or, you may wish to design the candle centerpiece and build the rest around this feature. Either way, it is vital to add a piece of your style and personality to the arrangement. These arrangements are cheap, reliable, safe and beautiful. With this in mind, all couples should consider incorporating them into their wedding’s décor. Once everything has been positioned perfectly, light your candles and everyone will be able to enjoy the soft glow of romance. This will assure that your wedding is lovely and unforgettable.

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